Greetings from Chairman of Organization Committee of JSAS

Dear Colleagues:

The world is experiencing a great revolution at present. There is a corruption of the old authoritarian system and a search for a new, innovative method.

The August 5th 2002 issue of TIME featured plastic surgery in Asia, where several members of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery (JSAS) were introduced. JSAS, as no exception of the world trend, is also undergoing a drastic change. I am very much looking forward to seeing what the young, enthusiastic Chairman, Dr. Naoto Hirata has organized for the up-coming 83rd Congress of JSAS.

I would also like to suggest that all the attendees of the congress apply for the authorized doctor state of JSAS. JSAS has long offered an authorization to cosmetic surgeons who have showed a distinct achievement in the course of JSAS activities. However, the evaluation system has been quite strict, limiting the number of authorized surgeons. In order to meet the demand for the globalization of authorized surgeons, we are going to revolutionize the evaluation system, making it easier for active JSAS members to obtain authorization. I hope that the increasing number of our new, innovative authorized surgeons will greatly contribute to the prosperity of JSAS in the future. Attend the 83rd Congress of JSAS and get ready for the application of authorized surgeon!

Katsuya Takasu, M.D., Ph.D (Takasu clinic)
Organization Committee